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Beware: Teacher stuff to follow in this post!

This morning was my last field placement of the semester for my Exceptional Children course. Sad, but true. It’s gone by so quickly! My small group and I went to do an observation of a special elementary school in Wilmington, Delaware.

Richardson Park Elementary School. And what a beautiful school it is! I was placed in a kindergarten classroom made up of about 8 students, all with mild disabilities and special needs. (The students here did not have as severe cases as those I’ve dealt with in the past, such as those with forms of MR/ID, ASD, etc. Here was an array of ADHD, ODD, etc.)

The classroom setup was flawless, the teachers and teaching assistants were obviously highly qualified, and the students… I cannot even begin to describe what joy I got from watching them learn! Today they were focused on the alphabet, and the teacher had come up with multiple fun and engaging ways to get her students focused on learning. It was obvious to me that many of them had severe attention problems, so the length/engagement level of the learning activities was crucial! With singing and exercise routines, small snacks and leadership roles as awards, and constant teacher attention, I was in awe at how well the students responded and performed. It was a beautiful thing!

What got to me more than anything was seeing and interacting with the students. Something inside of me just knows that I’m meant to be with kids like these! Younger ones, the ones that need a little more patience, time, and understanding. These kids have so much potential for greatness, but it takes a special kind of person to bring out that greatness in them. I want to be that person.

Yes, it’s days like these that just confirm my strong desire to pursue this career field. Nothing else instills such a passionate feeling in me, and I can not see myself doing anything but teaching. I know for a fact that K-5 special education is the perfect place for me. Maybe in a few years I’ll be lucky enough to teach in a place like Richardson Park Elementary School; only time will tell! =]

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