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MBTypes: Free!


MBTypes: Free!

What are the ages of everyone in hoo anf pjo? I try to keep track, but I still tend to picture Percy as 12 and Nico as 10 and yeah...


All right, so as of Blood of Olympus, these are the ages:

Jason: 16

Piper: 15/16?

Leo: 15/16?

Frank: 16

Hazel: 13

Annabeth: 17

Percy: 16

Nico: 14

Reyna: 16/17?

T_T I always subconsciously picture them closer to my age… woof


*likes your post* a great interaction, we are truly bonding


So my step-dad was holding job interviews at his firm today, and guess who one of them is? My verbally abusive, dickhead, low-life ex boyfriend.

Guess who’s not getting that job!? Best. Revenge. Ever.

When I'm late: these ppl gotta chill I'm exactly where I got to be at this moment. God put me here for a reason, I ain't suppose to rush the universe.
When somebody else late: u stay irresponsible. Trash the fuck why u always late? How u go to work?? Lazy filth I've. Been waiting outside for 5 mins.... WHERE THE HELL U AT???!!

Parents get Harry Potter trivia very, very wrong (x)




"My boyfriend/girlfriend won’t let me"
Excuse me
What was that?
YOU ¿ 
How lovely congratulations on your 3rd parental guardian”


But seriously if your partner won’t let you do something (eg, hang out with your friends)? That’s actually a GIANT RED FLAG for an abusive relationship, please get help or get out of there.




it’s not your job to entertain him by sending him nudes

it’s not your job to satisfy him sexually because he’s horny

you are not required to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or that you don’t want to do

don’t be scared of “losing him”

he most likely wasn’t anything worth keeping

Girls need to be taught this from such an early age.

a boner is not a medical condition. you are under no obligation to do anything.